Well Dedications

Well dedications are very special events for everyone involved. Villagers crowd the area wearing hand-made dresses and hats. The women sing songs to celebrate the momentous occasion. Old men cry at the sight of the first drops of clean water being pumped into a child's cup. A lifelong dream has become reality. Diseases contracted from unsafe water are no longer at the forefront of every worrying mother's mind. Commemorating this day is truly something to behold.

We are honored to share these unforgettable experiences with you. Join one of our mission trips and you can visit a remote community being restored with life-giving water and witness true gratitude by villagers that, "have never tasted safe water." You'll meet our Water 4 Kids team and be an active part of the well dedication. If you sponsor or donate a well, you'll have an opportunity to greet the community and share about the gift you gave them, or simply listen while other community members stand up and give their testimony on how clean water has transformed their lives.


Villagers often present the sponsors/donors with gifts of gratitude. They may give a chicken or a goat – a special gift of thankfulness. An animal like a chicken or goat from villagers often represents about 25% of their wealth. Villages that do not have an extra chicken may offer fruit or a special dance of jubilation. Regardless, it will be a day you will remember for the rest of your life and we are honored to share it with you.

Join us on our next trip to dedicate a well!