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Over 70% of the earth is covered by water, yet only 3% of it is fresh water and suitable for consumption. More than 2/3 of this fresh water is locked away in frozen glaciers. By far, the most abundant and available source of fresh water is underground water supplies. Even so, several hundred million people live each day without access to clean, safe drinking water. Sometimes this is due to lack of water and sometimes it is due to the level of purity of accessible water. In either case, people suffering from lack of healthy water are not to blame for the hardships they face. Hope is often a fleeting sentiment for them. Families mourn the loss of children and loved ones suffer daily from the lack of safe water. Water 4 Kids International is helping to change this reality by responding village-by-village to this global crisis by providing creative, life-saving solutions for safe water depending on the particular need of the communities we serve. Come walk with us into a burdened world with the gift of safe water for these people – it may end up changing your life as well as their lives.

Deep Water Wells (Boreholes)

Oftentimes, the most significant and longest-lasting solution to a remote village’s water problem can be answered with the drilling of deepwater wells, commonly known as "boreholes." Boreholes offer access to clean water below the earth’s surface which can be easily extracted using a small hand pump that does not require any electricity. Water 4 Kids International chooses to drill only deepwater wells (at least 175-300 feet deep) to provide the purest water available. When properly installed, these wells can last between 30-50 years with little to no maintenance. Water 4 Kids oversees the entire borehole drilling process with our drilling, casting, fitting, and testing teams. Throughout the process, Water 4 Kids equips the villagers to take care of their borehole by establishing Water Usage Committees who oversee the operations, rules, and regulations. Not only does this ensure that the borehole will be properly taken care of, but it provides a level of dignity for the village because they determine it’s use while giving them the responsibility to oversee it.

Rain Harvesting and Catchment Systems

Unfortunately, there are many areas around the world in which it is extremely difficult to find any underground water. In these regions, "rain harvesting" can be the best fit for a village having difficulty accessing safe water. Buildings can be equipped with gutters to collect rain which runs into large holding tanks with a capacity between 1,000-20,000 liters. This is an effective solution for areas along the equator that experience abundant rain during the rainy season and lack of any type of water source during the dry season.

Rain Harvesting system for Outreach to Africa's
Paul Devlin Academy in Fort Portal, Uganda.
Water Filtration Systems

For many people in the world, the amount of water is not the issue – it is that their water source is unsafe to drink from. Villagers living on remote islands,  near low-lying swampy lakes, or other areas affected by extreme flooding routinely drink tainted water from contaminated lakes or ponds to stay alive. With proper use of filtration systems, they can remove dangerous bacteria and other contaminants from their water. These water filtration devices are small, hand-held instruments about the size of a shoebox that can remove impurities in the water and make the water pure enough for safe consumption. This life-saving equipment makes it easy for villagers to transform their impure, hazardous water into healthy, consumable water and thereby provide hope for their future generations.

Water testing for the water filtration systems
we delivered to Sigulu Island, Uganda.
Hygiene & Sanitation Education

Water 4 Kids International recognizes that simply providing a source of pure water does not meet all the needs of these people in crisis around the world. A crucial part of the process in bringing hope and health to villagers is in "sensitizing", or educating, the people regarding the differences between safe water and unsafe water. Water 4 Kids International teaches villagers the importance of good hygiene and proper sanitation, as well as educating them about causes of diseases. Dehydration, malaria, dysentery, and other preventable and treatable diseases can be reduced if villagers stay properly hydrated and understand the necessity of drinking clean, safe water. We strive to equip villagers with this vital knowledge so they receive the greatest benefits of safe water. It also helps them understand the responsibility of maintaining their borehole or properly using their purification systems in order to leave a life-saving legacy for generations to come.

Water Tanks

Constructing large water tanks is another way Water 4 Kids is responding to the water crisis. Adding a water tank to a project gives the opportunity to run clean water to showers, latrines, kitchens, schools, medical clinics, and houses – offering another level of safety and comfort to the community. Children can bathe each day, waste from latrines can be properly disposed, and water can be pumped into other essential facilities.