Safe Drinking Water

SAFE DRINKING WATER – a necessity of life hasn't reached millions of people in the world who are left with no option but to drink contaminated water. The unavailability of clean drinking water is not only just an issue, but it is a global emergency.

Undoubtedly, clean drinking water is an extremely fundamental need and resource for human life, used for an immeasurable amount of tasks and applications on a daily basis. However, there are millions who lack access to this incredibly valuable resource of life.

The water crisis is currently one of the greatest threats in the world and is reaching its meridian. Hundreds of millions of people in the world lack access to clean drinking water. These people have no choice but to use contaminated water – often tepid water from open sources. Moreover, water-related disease due to consumption of contaminated water takes thousands of lives every day.

Did you know clean drinking water and poor sanitation claims more lives through disease than any war has claimed? Around 3.6 million people die each year from water related disease.

It is believed that lack of clean, safe drinking water is the main problem of developing countries, resulting in communities being unable to rise out of poverty. Mostly women and children are responsible for fetching water and face excessive burden each day to carry water on their back for their families. According to research, women and children walk almost six-kilometers per day – consuming almost six daily hours which they could have spent in school or learning a trade.

Make A Difference!

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