Starbucks gets their employees and volunteers together every year for the Walk 4 Water Walk in Phoenix.
How To Get Involved

Looking for more ways to make an impact with your passion and desire to help? Whether you are an individual, family, community, church, or corporation, we can find a way to get you involved & connected to the people you are reaching out to help. Below are just a few ways to help. Please email for more ideas.

Schools Receive High Water Marks
Nate Moreno Nate Moreno (14) heard H4KI's Founding President, Tom Eggum, speak about the need for fresh drinking water in Africa and responded by challenging his school to get involved. By involving every grade, all of the students learned about the need for water and raised money for a well. Not only did Nate raise the money for a well, he also raised money for land, a medical clinic, and a classroom.

Orange County Lutheran High School drilled wells and boreholes for their Senior Project and now challenge each grade to raise money for a well.

Walking 4 Water across the USA

In honor of children who walk every day for water, we developed Walk 4 Water. Walk 4 Water is a fundraising event that includes a symbolic 3-4 mile walk representing the journey millions of people take each day to retrieve water. Hundreds of people participate each year to help raise funds and learn about the village they are helping as the event travels around the country. It’s a wonderful event designed for people of all ages. Currently, we have walks in Phoenix, AZ; Forest City, IA; Orange County, CA; Bencia, CA; Loveland, CO; and San Francisco, CA. Would you like to join us on a Walk or start one in your city? Give us a call or email for more information. We have the tools you'll need to get started and a Walk for Water team to guide you along the way. Step up to the challenge and involve your entire community. It will be a great way to get your community involved in helping desperate village around the world in need.

2011 Walk 4 Water in Loveland, Colorado

Corporations are Matching with Us.

Corporations love our Water 4 Kids program because they know all of their donations are directed towards clean water.

Some of the corporations have partnered with us by:

  • Offering a matching donation incentive to their employees
  • Annually donating a well on behalf of the company
  • Donating every time a company meets a goal
  • Challenging departments to raise money for a well
  • Inviting us to speak to inspire employees to make a difference in their life through a corporate environment

Some of our partnering corporations include: Starbucks Coffee, Hurley, Schuff Steel, 2M, Franklin Electric, Travis Mathew, Elevate Coffee Company, Western Management Alliance, Toth Agency, and many more. Sign up your company today and learn about the village you’ll be restoring with the gift of fresh drinking water.

Sam Nolette, Age 11, has organized two Water 4 Kids Baseball Classic Tournaments to raise money for wells in Africa.
Invite your church to be the “hands and feet of Jesus" by restoring a village in need.

Pastor Bob Mooney from Messiah Church at their well dedication in Bukimbi, Uganda.
Acting as the “hands & feet of Jesus" is what we are all called to do. Coming together as a church to help restore a village with fresh drinking water is a wonderful way to fulfill God’s calling. We’ll connect you to a specific village in need that you can share with your congregation. You’ll learn about the profile of the village and see photos of the actual water source they are forced to drink. This is a wonderful opportunity to share during the season of Advent. During the process, we encourage you to pray for the village in hopes of a smooth drilling process. After your well is complete, we encourage your church to send some of the members to travel with us to dedicate it first hand! It’s an incredible day to experience! You’ll see how this well will be a blessing for generations to come while learning the true meaning of gratefulness.
Find your individual passion

Mary Lee at her well dedication in Nasinu, Uganda.

Some people like to run, others play music or climb mountains What's your inner passion? What drives you? Find your inner spark and turn it into a fundraiser. That’s what Mary Lee has done. She’s turned her tea parties into a vehicle to bring awareness and for raising money for water. She and her friends have raised money for nearly five wells to date.

Families are giving kids an idea what it’s like living without fresh water.

Alia, age 5 walks through the snow to collect water for her family.
For Chelsea, getting involved in Water 4 Kids was much more than raising money for well in Magooli, Uganda. She wanted to get her kids involved by giving them an idea what it was like to walk to get water, carry it, and monitor how much use they got out of it. So in December they shut off the water to their house and had them tromp through the snow with jars and bowls to their outdoor raised spigot. They made trip after trip to fill toilet tanks, the bathtub, and drinking pitchers. They found that morning rituals like washing their hands and brushing their teeth required a lot more effort. Chelsea said it gave them understanding, appreciation, and eagerness in their giving.

The kids made numerous trips throughout the day to satisfy their water needs. They understood how burdensome the task would be day after day. Chelsea said they didn’t get much homework done after dealing with water-related chores, so they understood how it would take away educational opportunities. We commend them for conducting an experiment such as this.
Leave a legacy with your family foundation.

Terry & Sara Lee at their well and village dedication in Seka, Uganda.
The Lee Family decided long ago that they wanted to leave a long-lasting legacy that would impact thousands of people. Not only did they decide to drill a well, but they adopted an entire village in Seka, Uganda. They knew they would be investing in the children in the area, along with their children's children. Families will get to learn about the village they are helping and get an opportunity to develop a long-lasting relationship with them. Family members can travel with us to dedicate their well and work in their village.
(Pictured from left)
Jesse, age 6; Alia age 5,
Taia, age 8; Emma age 2;
Isaiah, age 10; Brooklyn age 2
made numerous trips happily through the snow during the day to walk for water to
satisfy the needs of their family. Way to go kids!

“Involving our kids gave them understanding, appreciation, and eagerness in the giving.”