W4KI Hygiene Kits

In conjunction with access to safe water and proper education, hygiene kits can help significantly reduce the number of preventable and treatable diseases throughout remote villages. Children and families will learn the importance of washing their hands and how to stay safe against communicable and preventable diseases.

To assemble a W4KI Hygiene Kit you will need:

    • (1) bar of soap (bath size in wrapper)
    • (1) toothbrush (in original packaging)
    • (1) toothpaste
    • (1) hand towel
    • (1) washcloth
    • (1) wide-tooth comb
    • (1) nail clipper
    • (6) standard size Band-Aids®
    • A note of encouragement or prayer


Place all items in a one-gallon plastic bag with a zipper closure including a note from you about how much God loves them.


Hygiene Kit value: $10

Processing/Shipping Cost: $2 per Kit

Packing and Shipping Kits

    • Pack W4KI Hygiene Kits in boxes with only one type of Kit in each box.
    • Please complete this W4KI Hygiene Kit Coupon and enclose it in with the hygiene kits you are sending to us.
    • Provide a return address on the box.
    • Ship all W4KI Hygiene Kits prepaid to:

P.O. BOX 74010


Funds for Processing/Shipping and Purchasing Kits

Funds are needed to cover sorting, packing, and airline bag fees to our international projects. Please give at least $2 for each Hygiene Kit you send. Cash donations in lieu of assembled Kits also help us to provide much-needed supplies.


Send your check or money order payable to WATER 4 KIDS INTERNATIONAL with the coupon to:



P.O. Box 74010

Phoenix, AZ 85087


Download Coupon Here


Questions? Please call our office at 623-979-5516 or email angie@w4ki.org.


Thank you for your support!