Donate now to bring safe water to a community in need.

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Your financial gift is a vital investment in helping the most vulnerable have hope.

Water 4 Kids International can provide safe drinking water to thousands of people in rural areas in East Africa or Central India with a donation of $10,150. Great effort is needed to make sure fresh water is accessible to communities in remote villages. These people suffer the most but are the hardest to reach geographically. Our wells (boreholes) are drilled in areas that have a high concentration of people, and oftentimes multiple villages can benefit from one well. Our wells are virtually maintenance free and can last more than thirty years.


Give the gift of life for as little as $1 per villager.

Our life-saving wells can be sponsored in the name of families, churches, individuals, schools, or corporations. We'll provide a plaque with the name of the sponsor and have it installed on the platform of the well.

With a financial gift of $2,500 or more, you will be connected to the exact village you are helping. You'll be given the name and location of the village, village demographic information, and photos of the current water source. We'll provide you with the details of the distance people in the community walk to reach the nearest source of water, and inform you about any schools or medical clinics near by.


Your gift is a vital investment in helping the most vulnerable people in the world have hope.

Your financial gift will allow children to spend more time in schools focusing on education rather than the basic needs of survival. Many daily hours are allotted to mothers so they can be home with their families or learn a vocation. Communities receive instant health benefits from a well because many deadly diseases are prevented and personal hygiene is increased. Join us on a trip and we will dedicate your well while you are traveling with us. Leave a life-saving legacy today.