Lumidi water source

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Restoring Hope through Safe Water, One Village at a Time


Hundreds of millions of people are living without access to safe water; countless are suffering from dehydration and preventable diseases that make up nearly 75% of all deaths in remote villages. Water 4 Kids International is responding to this need by providing long-term access to clean water by drilling deepwater wells in some of the poorest communities in the world. Developing countries like Uganda, Kenya, and India face many of the same environmental, economic, and living conditions that effect their nations. The need for safe, fresh drinking water in these countries is tremendous. Compounding this urgent need is the economic situation of these villages.


What makes Water 4 Kids International different from other organizations is our relationship with the governments within the countries we serve – all the way up to the Prime Minister's and President's offices. Consequently, it is easier to drill deepwater wells in these areas. We have carefully developed these relationships to benefit the areas we serve.



Water source from Bukimbi A., Uganda Bugiri District

A large percentage of the wells we drill from our Water 4 Kids program are located in Uganda. Water 4 Kids reaches out to the people with the greatest needs throughout remote villages, even serving three of the top ten neediest sub-counties. Ironically, the greatest number of wells we have drilled are located in the Bugiri and Namayingo districts. The irony lies in the fact that government officials have claimed these two districts are dry because Lake Victoria has leached up the water in the area. We are reaching thousands upon thousands of people with hope and the gift of safe water, one village at a time.


Water source from Ageng’a, Kenya near a school with 518 students.

In Kenya, there are many areas with a desperate need for a water source. Villagers often walk up to 15 kilometers, each way, to a contaminated water source. In the dry season, they are forced to walk even farther to the closest water source. Thousands of school children resort to drinking dirty water (shown left) because they don’t have another option. Water 4 Kids is committed to drilling wells close to schools, medical clinics, and trading centers in order to make the greatest impact in remote communities.

Ladies washing clothes in a river near Damoh, India.

In Central India, within the town of Damoh, communities are suffering from the lack of fresh water. Shallow wells dry up during the hot-dry season, forcing villagers to walk great distances. Water trucks service the area, but villagers must collect the water they need for the entire season within two hours. Any other water that is needed must be collected by other means. Women and children can be found collecting water, bathing, or washing clothes on the shores of the river in the area. The mayor of Damoh is so grateful for our partnership that he has committed to match any wells we drill with a well of his own or construct a water tower (with electricity) to address the water needs of his communities.