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There’s nothing more heartwarming than witnessing kids helping other kids. Therein lies the heart of Lemon Aiders. Best friends Sydney and Ella saw the water that other kids around the globe were actually drinking…

Kitumba, Uganda
Bugoya, Uganda
Budaka, Uganda

And they knew they had to do something about it!

With this realization, the girls knew they had to act — do something — to be the solution, and that is precisely what they did! Today, because of Sydney and Ella, Water 4 Kids International invites even more kids to be the solution; to help bring safe and clean water to children suffering in remote villages because the only water they have available can literally kill them. The girls have taken a stand with lemons. Lemonade stands are popping up all over as kids are restoring hope to other kids in need around the world.

The great news is that the money raised from these efforts will go towards a deep-water well in a remote village. Below are children who live in the Ugandan village of Budaka.

Because of them, the children pictured here are now drinking safe and clean water!

If you want to go BIG, think BIG! Get your school, church, club, or other organizations in which you participate excited about helping kids around the world. Saving lives with lemons starts with you! Becoming a member of the Lemon Aiders says that you, too, want to be a part of the solution, to give kids around the world something that no one should ever go without: clean water. You hold the power to make our world a better place and that my friend is truly amazing!

Let your parents know you want to become an official member of Lemon Aiders.

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