Extreme Poverty is Soluble
Today, there are 780 million people WHO still do not have access to safe drinking water. At W4KI, you'll learn about the need for clean water and how YOU can make a difference to thousands of people with the life-giving legacy of a deep well.
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Almost half the world – over three billion people – lives on less than $2.50 a day. Hundreds of millions of people lack access to the basic essentials of life: food, clean water, shelter, education, and basic health care. The lack of clean water in remote villages leads to members of the community drinking from contaminated water sources and dying from preventable diseases and disorders like E. coli, cholera, and dysentery. Water 4 Kids International is committed to fighting the global water crisis by drilling deepwater wells and providing water filtration devices in East Africa and Central India. We strategically drill deepwater wells in close proximity to primary schools, medical clinics, and trading centers.

706 drilled wells