Kangori, Uganda

Parish: Tuba

Sub-County: Molo

County: Tororo

District: Tororo

Distance to nearest water source: 2 km

Population: 6,000 Adults + 11,000 children

The name of this village is Tuba (pronounced TOO-buh) and it is located in the Tororo District along the Tororo/Mbale road.  This village is eight miles from the town of Tororo.  It is the business hub for the East Budama Constituency which is comprised of four sub-counties and thousands of people come here to trade every Thursday and Saturday from districts like Manafa, Mbale, Tororo and Busolwe.  This large group of people spends all day in the sunshine and heat to buy and sell their goods and many travel long distances on foot to get here.  The availability of fresh drinking water would be a tremendous blessing to this community.  In addition, there is a Health Center II located here which diagnoses simple conditions and hosts Aids patients who come to receive ARV medication that will boost their immune systems.  These precious brothers and sisters will be able to swallow their medication, giving them hope and a chance at long life, with water that will nourish them instead of harm them.  And your gift of a borehole will not only impact the lives of the adults in and around this area, it will have a profound effect on the children, too.  When Pastor Hillary Malo, Hope4Kids water manager, visited the open pond that is the current source of water for this village, the first thing he saw was a monitor lizard.  These lizards are from the same family as the Komodo dragon lizards and they can grow to several feet long.  Their claws are long and sharp, their jaws are very strong and they can be aggressive.  Imagine the sheer terror and very real danger to a child who is sent to fetch water and encounters this monitor lizard!  But life in the village of Tuba is about to change for the better with your gift of a borehole that will provide fresh, life-sustaining water for these villagers, their beloved children and the many people who visit here regularly.  Health, safety and long life will no longer be a dream, it will be a reality.