Bukhumwa, Uganda

Parish: Masinya

Sub-County: Masinya

County: Samia Bugwe

District: Busia

Distance to nearest water source: 3.5 km

Population: 4,500 Adults + 7,800 children

The name of the village is Bukhumwa (pronounced boo-KOOM-wah) and it is located in the Busia District near the Ugandan border with Kenya.  When Pastor Hillary Malo, our water project manager, visited this village he was immediately struck by the enormous burden collecting water is on the children at the Bukhumwa primary school.  These precious little ones must carry water to school if they need to have breakfast or lunch.  The head teacher told Pastor Hillary that the kids often come late to school or miss lessons because they are “roaming around looking for water as coming without it renders them to corporal punishment.”  In addition to the two lessons everyone misses each day due to the late start, the children searching for water are also at risk for rape and other child abuse.  These innocent children are not to blame for the situation they are in, but they certainly suffer because of it.  The Government attempted to provide a solution to this crisis by bringing in water harvesting tanks, however, with no rain gutters around the roofs and cracks in the tank it is not useable.  Villagers have to travel 3.5 kilometers to try and find water at the seasonal spring.  When the water, polluted as it is, evaporates during the dry season the search for water to quench their thirst and meet their daily survival needs widens even further.  But through your generous, heartfelt love, the lives of these beautiful people are about to change with your incomparable gift of a borehole. Pure, fresh, life-sustaining water easily accessible via a hand pump from deep underground will soon nourish and strengthen them for a healthy today and a bright tomorrow.  Villagers and school children alike will be free from water-borne diseases and other risks associated with their current situation and free to study and play and live life with joy.