Korobudi B, Uganda

Parish: Mulanda

Sub-County: Mulanda

County: Kisoko

District: Tororo

Distance to nearest water source: 3.5 km

Population: 6,800 Adults + 11,000 children


The name of the village is Korobudi “B” (pronounced Kor-oh-BOO-dee) and it is located in the Tororo District.  This village currently consumes water from a source that was dug by a man named “Polweny” meaning “war” in the current language.  Polweny discovered the open pond one day while hunting with his dogs.  When the dogs went in to the large forest and didn’t respond to Polweny’s calls, he assumed they had found some prey.  Instead, when he heard the sound of lapping water and went in to investigate he discovered the current water source.  He ran to tell the nearby villages that God had heard their cry for help and they did not need to trek 5 kilometers anymore to get water.  Unfortunately, although the new water source was closer to their home, it was no less contaminated.  Today the villagers travel 3.5 kilometers to obtain water that continues to be very dirty and visibly yellow from pollutants and bacteria.  Pastor Hillary Malo, Water 4 Kids project manager, saw a local woman discarding residue from her alcohol distilling right next to the water source.  Everyone drinking this water consumes some degree of alcohol as it seeps in to the pond.  Never having had the opportunity to drink clean, fresh water the villagers continue to consume this filthy water and do not understand spending their precious money on water guards.  However, all that will change with your incomparable gift of a borehole for the village of Korobudi “B.”  These beautiful people and their precious children will have pure, fresh, life-sustaining water available to them from sources deep underground.  God has again heard their cry for help.