Buwenda, Uganda

Parish: Bululu

Sub-County: Muterere

County: Bukhooli Central

District: Bugiri

Distance to nearest water source: 2.5 km

Population: 7,800 Adults + 12,500 children

The name of the village is Buwenda (pronounced boo-WEN-duh) and it is located in the Bugiri District 3 kilometers off the Jinja-Kampala highway.  The people in this village are predominantly from the Basoga tribe and they have struggled with the physical ailments related to jiggers in addition to the everyday burdens of basic survival.  Currently villagers travel 2.5 kilometers to try and find rain water that runs down slopes and collects in pools.  This type of water source is tainted by every kind of trash and filth surrounding it, making it unfit for human consumption.  But still the people drink it, having no other alternative for hydration and many suffer with rampant cases of diarrhea and typhoid.  This original water source was dug by a man named “Mawazi” who claims it has been used since 1976.  In drought conditions, the source dries up completely.  Pastor Hillary Malo, Water4Kids project manager, discovered that expectant and breast feeding mothers, as well as children, are the most vulnerable to the seasonal effects of this water source.  In order to ensure they can obtain water, they must wake up very early to get in line for a chance to fill their containers with unsafe, dirty water that settles in the pond in the wee hours of the dawn.  These beautiful, precious people are not to blame for the crisis they are in.  And through your generous, heartfelt love, their lives are about to change with your incomparable gift of a borehole for the village of Buwenda. Pure, fresh, life-sustaining water from deep underground will soon nourish and strengthen them for a healthy today and a bright tomorrow.