Soni Sindila, Uganda

Parish: Soni

Sub-County: Kirewa

County: Kisoko

District: Tororo

Distance to nearest water source: 3 km

Population: 6,200 Adults + 15,000 children


The current water source, located 3 kilometers from the village, is an open pond with murky, discolored water full of floating debris and invisible water-borne bacteria.  In this area, people wake up at 3 am to go and get water because as Pastor Peter Obbo states, “once someone delays it means that you will reach lunch time without water.”  There are so many people desperate to get water that they must form long lines and it is not uncommon for fights to break out.  This is particularly true during the dry season when water sources are very low or even dry up completely.  Returning without water can cause domestic violence, in addition to the existing risks of dehydration and disease.  In addition to the local population, the nearby trade centers of Pobuje, Panuna and Buwenda host people who spend much of their day in the sunshine and heat to buy and sell their goods.  Many also travel long distances.  The availability of fresh safe drinking water would be a tremendous blessing to this community.