Wikusi, Uganda

Parish: Senda

Sub-County: Kirewa

County: Kisoko

District: Tororo

Distance to nearest water source: 2 km

Population: 9,610 Adults + 17,000 children

This village is located near two trading centers and a health center, making the number of people travelling to and from this area very large.  The current water source, located 2 kilometers from the village, is an open pond with murky, discolored water full of floating debris and invisible water-borne bacteria.  The nearby trade centers of Wikusi and Cenda host large groups of people who spend much of their day in the sunshine and heat to buy and sell their goods.  Many also travel long distances on foot to get here.  The availability of fresh drinking water would be a tremendous blessing to this community.  In addition, the Wikusi Health Center II is located here.   Currently, sick and hurting people travel to this clinic with hope for healing, only to risk additional disease from drinking tainted water.  Last year alone, four people died during an outbreak of cholera when the area experienced flooding.  As Pastor Peter Obbo, who works with Hope4Kids, expresses, “there will be great joy for this area more especially for those who survived being killed by cholera” when they can drink safe water.  Your gift of a borehole will not only impact the lives of the adults in and around this area, it will have a profound effect on the smallest and often the weakest villagers, the children.  Life in and around the village of Wikusi is about to change for the better with your gift of a borehole that will provide fresh, life-sustaining water for these villagers, their beloved children and the many people who visit here regularly.  Health, safety and long life will no longer be a dream, it will be a reality.