Kirewa B, Uganda

Parish: Nagongera

Sub-County: Kirewa

County: Budama West

District: Tororo

Distance to nearest water source: 2.5 km

Population: 3,200 Adults + 5,500 children

The name of this village is Kirewa “B” (pronounced KEER-uh-wah) and it is located in the southern part of the Tororo District in Budama West County.  Villagers must travel 2.5 kilometers each way to access their current source of water.  As you can see from the photos, this water is incredibly murky and full of visible debris, as well as bacteria that cannot be seen.  Many children, some of which are currently sponsored with Hope4Kids, travel here to fetch water for their families.  Still, despite all the blessings they receive from sponsorship, a supply of healthy, clean drinking water still eludes them.  The water hole, called Barinyang’a, is named after the man who found it and according to reliable sources each afternoon at precisely 3pm a very large snake arrives at the sight.  Although there have been no fatal incidents reported thus far, the danger does exist.  In addition, such frequent visits by the snake frighten the villagers so much that they are reluctant to come to the source and thus deny themselves and their family this vital necessity to life.  Even though it is polluted, they still must have water to survive. But with your incomparable gift of a borehole, the lives in the village of Kirewa “B” will begin to change for the better immediately.  Imagine their unbridled joy when they can access pure abundant mineral water without risk of either sickness or harm.  And this gift of fresh, life-sustaining water for these villagers and their beloved children will lead to health, safety and long life.