Sirakano, Uganda

Parish: Masaba

Sub-County: Masaba

County: Samia North

District: Busia

Distance to nearest water source: 3.5 km

Population: 4,500 Adults + 8,800 children


The name of the village is Sirakano (pronounced SEER-uh-CANE-oh) and it is located in the Busia District.  Sirakano is a Samian term which means “disagreement” and this village has suffered a great deal through the consumption of polluted water.  The people from this community must travel 3.5 kilometers each way to reach the water source they drink from which contains a large amount of fungi which is hazardous to their health.  In addition, as you can see from the photos, the villagers often step in the water while trying to fill their jerricans, thus adding to the contamination.  The pond is 4 feet deep and poses a significant risk to children who are often sent to fetch water as they are unable to swim and can easily drown.  These beautiful, precious children are innocent victims who face daily hardships to collect and drink tainted water.  Imagine their happiness when they can access pure mineral water right in their own village.  And with your incomparable gift of a borehole, the lives in the village of Sirakano will begin to change for the better immediately.  The current life expectancy in Africa is only 65 years compared to nearly 80 years in America, and the main reason is due to diseases such as typhoid, bilharzia and diarrhea brought on by drinking contaminated water.  But the gift of fresh, life-sustaining water for these people and their beloved children will lead to health, safety and long life.