Mawanga, Uganda

Parish: Mawanga


County: Samia South

District: Busia

Distance to nearest water source: 2.5 km

Population: 5,500 Adults + 8,000 children


Mawanga (pronounced Muh-WANG-ah) is located in the Busia District on the southern part of the Samia Region. Today, these villagers travel 2.5 kilometers each way to collect contaminated water from an open pond. Despite the Government’s efforts to educate and sensitize villagers on ways to help safeguard available drinking water, most villagers are semi-illiterate and the warnings are often not understood or go unheeded. When families do not observe proper sanitary precautions, at places such as latrines, heavy rains will wash the waste products in to the open ponds, rivers, and streams. Because they have had to consume tainted water for so long, villagers continue to drink from these polluted sources. Only when there is an urgent health risk, such as on outbreak of cholera, will they observe the community health precautions.

In addition to facing the danger of drinking contaminated water, development in the village of Mawanga has been slow, due to the fact they have not politically supported the member of Parliament that oversees this village. Pastor Hillary Malo, Water Project Manager, shares an African quote that sums up this situation saying, “If you need to have more milk from one’s cow, you must feed it well.” The neglected and suffering lives of the people in Mawanga are about to drastically improve though, through your generous and heartfelt love. With your incomparable gift of a borehole pure, fresh, life-sustaining water will be easily accessible and will soon nourish and strengthen them for a healthy today and a bright tomorrow.