Lwaba, Uganda

Parish: Ndifakulya

Sub-County: Kapyanga

County: Bukooli North

District: Bugiri

Distance to nearest water source: 3 km

Population: 5,000 Adults + 7,000 children


The name of this village is Lwaba (pronounced lu-WA-ba) and it is located in the Bugiri District. Villagers of Lwaba have suffered greatly, not only in consuming bacteria-ridden water, but also in the enormous grief resulting from the death of precious children. This man-made open-pond is located 3 kilometers from the village. Although the pond was made 12-feet deep, in an effort to supply adequate water, the depth of this pool has proved to be a greater source of loss than abundance.  The water source is surrounded by big logs, which villagers step on to reach the water and fill up pitchers. As the logs get wet, they become dangerously slick. In 2009-2010, three children drowned when they slipped in the water and were unable to get out. In an attempt to protect their families, villagers have forbidden children from fetching water from this source. Your generous gift of a deepwater well for Lwaba will not only provide pure, fresh, life-sustaining water to these beautiful people, it will also bless them richly through the safeguarding of their children and the opportunity to once again participate in daily family activities.