Namayemba West "B", Uganda

Parish: Isagaza

Sub-County: Kapyanga

County: Namayemba

District: Bugiri

Distance to nearest water source: 5 km

Population: 3,500 Adults + 6,000 children


Namayemba West has a population of 3,500 adults and 6,000 children. Currently, the people of Namayemba West "B" have to walk 5 km each way to a collapsed well for their water. Only a little trickle of water comes out when it has rained recently.


The children will benefit greatly from the fresh water of a deepwater well. There is also a trading center which typically houses dozens of people operating the local market who will also benefit from clean water. The collapsed well from which the villagers drink used to serve the community before it became inoperable. The water source is busy and becomes unsafe for members of the communities who rely on this source. Animals that live in the area also drink water from collapsed well, which can promote the spreading of disease to vulnerable children.