Buyogozi "A", Uganda

Parish: Isagaza

Sub-County: Kapyanga

County: Bukooli North

District: Bugiri

Distance to nearest water source: 2 km

Population: 4,800 Adults + 7,800 children


The name of the village is Buyogozi “A” (pronounced BOO-yo-go-zee). As you can see from the photos below, there are a great number of children in this area. Very early in the morning, before they go to school, these children must walk 2 km each way to fetch water for their families, since their parents or guardians work in the gardens. In this swamp area, where the current water source is found, there are several rice farms. At 9 a.m. each day, the farmers open up trenches to divert the water to their farms, thereby making the water unfit for human consumption. This competition over the existing water also causes strife in the community between the farmers and the villagers.

When Pastor Hillary Malo visited this community, the people were gathered together for a funeral. Many people cried out for the borehole to be drilled in their area and some even made the comment, “let the dead bury themselves, let’s go and look for our future life.” This is what your sacrificial gift of pure, clean water is providing for these people: future life, as well as hope in the love and message of Jesus Christ.