Water 4 Kids FAQ
Frequently asked questions about Water 4 Kids International.

Q: What is the main focus of Water 4 Kids International?

A: Water 4 Kids International (W4KI) reaches out to the poorest communities in East Africa and Central India by providing long-term access to clean water with deepwater wells, rain harvesting, and water filtration projects. In addition, Water 4 Kids equips and trains recipient villages to maintain water projects for years to come. Water 4 Kids also monitors existing wells to make sure they are open and fully-functioning, while offering the opportunity to learn about proper hygiene and basic sanitation.

Q: How long does it take to drill a borehole?

A: Typically, it takes less than a month to drill a well from start to finish. Rainy seasons, political elections, and location can strongly impact the duration of the drilling process – sometimes adding up to several months to complete.

Q: How many people can benefit from one borehole?

A: Villages and surrounding areas (ranging from 3,000 -11,000 people) will benefit from a deepwater wells. We strive to make the biggest impact possible by strategically choosing areas that are near medical clinics, schools, and markets.

Q: How much does it cost to drill a borehole?

A: For a donation of $10,150, Water 4 Kids can provide safe drinking water to thousands of people in east Africa or Central India. For as little as $1 per villager, entire communities can be saved from illnesses like dysentery and cholera for 30-50 years.

Q: Do you drill or hand dig your boreholes?

A: Our local drilling companies drill all of our boreholes with a deepwater drilling rig.

Q: How deep are the boreholes you drill?

A: Although borehole depths range by district, our deepest boreholes range from 150 ft. to 300 ft. deep.

Q: Do you conduct water or hydrological surveys on your well sites?

A: YES! Water or hydrological surveys are completed on every well site.

Q: What is the typical life expectancy of a borehole?

A: With proper "sensitization", or education of the communities, boreholes can last 30-50 years with little maintenance. Water 4 Kids puts a large emphasis on community-based partnership in the development of our boreholes. It makes the difference of a well lasting 2 years or 30 years.

Q: Can everyone drink from the boreholes?

A: Everyone is welcomed to drink from our wells. We do not encourage or promote the discrimination of any race, religion, or tribe. Children are encouraged to drink frequently from the wells that can help prevent life-threatening diseases.

Q: Who takes care of the boreholes?

A: Boreholes are officially turned over to the villages during the well dedications. Water Usage Committees are formed in every village in which Water 4 Kids serves. They are elected positions from the village that determine the rules, regulations, and maintenance of the boreholes.

Q: What areas of the world are you drilling wells?

A: Currently, Water 4 Kids International is drilling wells in Uganda, Kenya, and India.

Q: How do you find the villages that are in the greatest needs?

A: Through natural relationships and field research, villages are submitted to our local H4KI NGO for consideration. It is only after a Water 4 Kids project manager visits the village, verifies the current source of water, and certifies it with a number of criteria, will it be added into to our Water 4 Kids program.

Q: Will I get to know the location of the borehole I sponsored?

A: YES! For every donation of $2,500 or more, you will be connected to a specific village in need. We will send you village demographic information, including: village name and location, population of the village and surrounding areas, the distance they walk for water, and photos of their current source of water. In most cases we will include a particular story about the village you are benefiting and if any schools or medical clinics will benefit from the well.

Q: Do the boreholes need electricity to run?

A: No, standard deepwater wells do not need electricity to run. They are mechanically engineered to pump water by using a single-hand pump. Water towers we construct for certain villages do require electricity and a pump to run.

Q: Can I sponsor a well in honor or memory of someone?

A: YES! Boreholes can be sponsored in honor or memory of individuals, families, churches, or corporations. We will install a plaque on the borehole honoring the person to whom you would like to dedicate the well. You will also receive an exact replica of the plaque to remember the village you restored with the life-giving legacy of safe water.

Q: Do you drill wells on personal property or private land?

A: No. Boreholes are not drilled on personal property for fear that the person may relocate and give the next owner an opportunity to charge for use of the well. Water 4 Kids requires an individual in the community to donate a plot of land to the village for the borehole. This small act brings dignity to the village and confirms the partnership with Water 4 Kids International.

Q: Who oversees the entire borehole process?

A: Water 4 Kids International oversees the entire process of the well installation. Each identified well project has multiple teams dedicated to that project including: check, survey, drilling, pump testing, casting, and fitting teams. Each team includes the area project manager, community leadership committee, and a safety officer who’s required to remain on the site during the entire borehole drilling process.

Q: What happens if the drillers drill a dry well?

A: Water 4 Kids reaches out to the communities with the greatest needs, which frequently leads us into areas on the “no go” list for other organizations or by the government. Local governments are notorious for erroneously claiming certain areas are dry and have no water to be harvested.  If our drillers are unable to find water, they will allow us to transfer our project to another village at no additional cost. This is only because of the unique relationship we have with our drilling companies. We will always be able to show you a finished borehole from your donation.

Q: Can I travel to see my well?

A: YES! We hope if you sponsored a well that you will consider traveling with us to dedicate your well. Hope 4 Kids takes hundreds of volunteer team members to Uganda and India each year to participate in our well dedications. It is always an honor to introduce our donors to the villages they saved with access to clean water.

Q: Who attends the well dedications?

A: Thousands of villagers, government officials, leaders of the community, local pastors, the Water 4 Kids project manager, and other Water 4 Kids representatives are all invited to attend well dedications and openings.