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Be a part of this new generation who is taking a stand against extreme poverty with a heart to change the world. Taxi Drivers 4 Clean Water started by Ibrahim Abdurahman, a taxi driver from DeSoto Cab Company – the oldest cab company in San Francisco California – is rallying drivers throughout the nation to make a difference with clean water.


Taxi Drivers 4 Clean Water is an innovative program of Water 4 Kids International.  A program with heart and soul designed to bring awareness to the millions of people suffering and dying because they lack safe drinking water. Taxi Drivers 4 Clean Water leverages the taxicab community to collectively raise money to drill deepwater wells in remote villages, while restoring hope and health to a hurting world.


Taxi drivers?  You may ask what can a taxi driver do to change the world?  It’s all in the water and the passionate vision of some amazing people.


Ibrahim, a visionary man born in Eritrea, has set the course before us. Prior to moving to the United States, Ibrahim lived in Ethiopia where he witnessed the suffering of many destitute communities living without access to clean water. From this moment, a vision grew in his heart.

He knew what could be done. 
He knew what must be done.
First generation Americans are bringing clean water back to their developing countries.

Something as simple as clean water to drink, preventing death and disease, had to come to the people of these remote villages throughout the world.  He took this dream to heart and an idea was birthed.  As a cab driver for DeSoto Cab Company in San Francisco, he has brought his fellow drivers together, many who have experienced the very background that Ibrahim had witnessed.


Many of these cab drivers come from developing nations, living in remote villages where their water source was nothing more than a contaminated open pond, a place where human as well as livestock bathed and drank.  Watching a loved one suffer and die was not uncommon.  Maybe their sister was unable to go to school because they were burdened with the family responsibility of fetching water everyday. We hear often, that families think they are walking for water, in reality, they are walking for disease.  The irony is nearly unbearable, fetching water to sustain life, only to bring a life of suffering and despair.  This scenario is played out over and over, time and time again.


But- these amazing taxi drivers, “our” first generation Americans are taking hope back…one village at a time.
Natoto, Uganda water source
Ladies and young girls hauling water over
four kilometers in Nadoto, Uganda.
Taxi Drivers are becoming "Water Taxis"
Our taxi driver partners
Two of our "water-taxis" in San Francisco.

They have committed a portion of their paycheck monthly to help bring clean safe drinking water to these remote communities – similar to ones where they may have been raised.


  • In honor of their siblings that never had the opportunity to receive an education.
  • In honor of their mothers who trekked long distances everyday.
  • In honor of the fathers they lost to dysentery.

In honor of themselves who escaped the grips of their developing world only to find the “land of opportunity” to welcome them and offer them a better life.


As Ibrahim’s vision expands, he sees like-minded drivers across the nation joining together with him – to restore communities in need with the gift of safe water!


In his deepest desire to improve the well-being of thousands, Ibrahim’s dream is BIG – but achievable.  So big - but it only takes a small effort on our part to make his dream – and the dream of over one billion people - a reality of bringing life and the restoration of hope through safe water… one village at a time.


Taxi Drivers 4 Clean Water does just this; brings life sustaining clean and safe drinking water to millions around the world through a nationwide response of the committed champions.
Be a Difference Maker Today.

Taxi Drivers 4 Clean Water logo
Imagine a world where everyone had access to a clean drink of water….

A cup of hope to the promise of a better life.

Children are able to go to school.

Mothers can stay at home with their children.

Thousands of work hours are saved.

And, millions of children will be saved from preventable and treatable diseases.


It can all start right here by drilling deep water wells.

It starts today.


Will you join us? Just $20 bucks a month – the amount of a few coffees- can bring safe water to 20 people for nearly thirty years. Twenty people’s lives will be saved. And their children’s children for $20 dollars. With your support, 20 people EVERY month will be rescued with clean drinking water.


“This all sounds amazing!!  What can I do to help out?” you ask.  If you are in transportation and you want to make a difference through safe clean drinking water, click here to find out how you can become a part of this innovative movement that will make a measurable, significant impact of thousands of lives.


If you need a ride, it’s as easy as selecting a company who has teamed up with Water 4 Kids International in helping bring life giving water to millions around the world.  Click here to find your ride!  Still want to be more proactive in this movement?  Become a monthly supporter.  Together we can do amazing things!!


Next time you catch a cab ask your driver if he’s a ‘Water Taxi’.  Listen to his story and learn about how you can be a difference maker today.  

Girl drinking clean water for the first time

A young girl drinking clean water
for the first time from a borehole
drilled by Water 4 Kids International
in Bukhatuba
, Uganda.   November 2011




Water 4 Kids International is a division of Hope 4 Kids International – a faith-based 501(c)(3) non-profit committed to helping children who are suffering from extreme poverty and disease. W4KI is restoring hope through safe drinking water. . . one village at a time.


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