One Truth Well
"I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are Walking in the Truth!" - 3 John 1:4

What brings God the Greatest joy Should be our Greatest desire! This ministry's sole purpose is to Passionately and with Great Love and Enthusiasm share the Truth of Jesus Christ through the teaching of His Word, so that we are equipped to be led by His Truth, to walk in it, and to pass it on to the next generation. I am so excited to see God' children be able to walk in Freedom as they plant their feet firmly on the Truth of God's Word. As the Lord continues to expand this ministry, He has continued to grow our passion, excitement, and love of ministering to His people through the teaching of His Word. It has been Amazing to see what only God can do! There is Nothing Impossible for Him!

He has now given us the incredible privilage of partnering with Hope4Kids by allowing us to use the platforms He has given us through our radio shows, conferences, and bible studies to raise money for the digging of Wells in Uganda, Africa! I have personally seen the profound need for clean water in Uganda and how meeting that need opens a door for the power of the gospel to be shared and received in the most incredible way! Being able to provide lasting, clean water not only changes lives physically, but allows for lives to be changed eternally! Please join us in bringing Hope and Living Water to those in Uganda, Africa!

Through any avenue the Lord will give us we are a ministry dedicated to Letting Truth Lead!

"Send out your Light, Send out Your Truth; Let them guide me, Let them lead me..." - Ps. 43:3