Water Wednesday
Water Wednesdays

Participate in Water Wednesdays. Join us in making our voices heard if you believe everyone deserves to drink safe water. Spreading awareness about the challenges which hundreds of millions of people endure on a daily basis is essential to eradicating the water crisis. Help our friends around the world by doing to your part in raising awareness about their daily struggle. We’ll share practical ideas about how you and your friends can join in generating a movement, expressing the message that everyone deserves to drink safe water.

    1. "Like" our Water 4 Kids International Facebook page.
    2. Share your favorite W4KI post to spread the awareness for clean water around the world.
    3. Shut off the water while you brush your teeth.
    4. Reduce your time in the shower by half.
    5. Fix a leaky faucet or hose at your home.
    6. Track and budget your water usage. How does your water usage compare to the usage of those living in developing countries who use less than 20 liters per day?
    7. Be mindful of your water habits. Do you run water only when necessary?
    8. Can you imagine carrying 40 pounds of water on your head long distances everyday?
    9. See the villages we help and the water they have access to drink.
    10. Participate in our two-week challenge. Make water your only beverage for two weeks. Save the money you usually spend on drinks and donate it towards drilling a well.
    11. Share information about safe water with your kids and community by hosting an official Lemon Aider lemonade stand. Use the proceeds to help bring clean water to a community in need.
    12. Host a You Buy, They Thrive garage sale.
    13. Start a conversation with friends over a bottle of water in honor of those suffering in the global water crisis.
    14. Join us for our annual events or start events in your community.
    15. Learn more about the need for safe water.
    16. Host a Dining 4 Water event in your home. Invite your friends to enjoy a wonderful meal prepared by Chef Jimmy Tay. Read More
    17. Encourage your church, small group, or club to commit to raising money for a life-saving borehole. You’ll be connected to the exact village you are saving.
    18. Assemble hygiene kits to help reduce preventable and treatable diseases. We will deliver them in person to children in the remote villages which we serve. Read More
    19. Start a Change 4 Change program at your school. Have kids fill water bottles with spare change to raise money for clean water programs.
    20. Become a Water 4 Kids Ambassador. We’ll equip you with the necessary materials and resources so you can carry the message of hope through safe water to your local churches, schools, and community groups.