Walk 4 Water - An Introduction

A beautiful movement is taking place in the hearts and minds of today’s generation. The global impact of access to safe and clean water is steadily getting more attention. Poor water quality is one of the greatest contributing factors responsible for disease, premature deaths, poverty, inadequate education, and economic hardship. A community that can retrieve safe water is a community that can thrive and grow.

Water is foundational to the world, a region, a community, and for human survival. Without water, life is unsustainable; without safe water, life becomes questionable. Water 4 Kids International has witnessed this plight first hand and is fully committed to making a difference and in our passionate belief that everyone deserves safe water, invite you to join us in changing the tide of poverty, sickness, and hopelessness with the provision of clean, safe water through the drilling of deep water boreholes. Water 4 Kids International has now drilled its 400th borehole and you can help us to continue providing hundreds more. Together we’ll change the dialogue from surviving to thriving.

What is W4KI Walk 4 Water?

W4KI Walk 4 Water is a one-day event spent celebrating life and appreciating all the benefits of safe water. It’s an opportunity to extend the goodness in our lives to those who are living without many of life’s basic necessities. When you participate in a Walk 4 Water you help raise funds to drill deepwater wells in remote villages around the world, as well as raise awareness of the global need for safe water. Those who have participated, either by walking with us or donating to the cause, have helped hundreds of thousands of God’s children obtain access to safe and clean water.