The Clean and Clear Facts

The absence of clean drinking water has a ripple effect. It trickles down and infiltrates the days, week, years and lives of millions and millions of people. We at Water 4 Kids International wish that everyone could see with their own eyes the difference that clean drinking water makes in the individual lives of people. It would instantaneously cause you to join our movement and take up our cause. If being the cause of 70% of the deaths in remote villages was not enough, the lack of this necessity also deprives many girls of a chance at education and causes safety hazards.

Many people are not aware that in most cases the only water source for a village is miles and miles away. The task of gathering clean drinking water mostly falls on the shoulders of the women and children of a family. Women alone spend 200 million hours a day (yes, a day) collecting water. Stats for the number of hours that children spend are not available. Can you imagine sending your child several miles away, in the sun, on a dusty trail, with a Jerrycan that is much too heavy for them to gather water for your family? When children must gather the water, they are unable to go to school because the trek to get water takes up too much time out of their day and wastes too much of their energy.

The open water holes that many villages must use are also utilized by the wildlife of the area. We have heard many stories of animal attacks and venomous snake bites occurring to children on their way to collect water. The desperately sad irony of this situation is that the water that these children are risking their lives to obtain, after they consume it, is much too often responsible for their deaths. In fact every 20 seconds a child dies from a water-related illness due to the lack of clean drinking water. It should take you approximately two minutes to read this blog, so when you are finished six children will have passed away because they simple didn’t have access to clean water to drink.

Many of us have fallen victim to compassion fatigue, as there is so much need in the world and it can be so overwhelming. It is easy to want to block it all out to maintain some sort of balance and functionality in our personal worlds. Our mission at W4KI is not to increase exhaustion, but simply to ignite a passion in others with the simplicity, knowledge, and power of the facts.

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