Small Carnival Makes Big Impact


“There’s nothing more precious than watching a child help another child. When this happens, you can’t help but smile!” Primrose School of Fletcher Heights wrote this in a newsletter that they sent out to their parents regarding their annual Spring Fling Carnival that took place this year on the 21st of April. Usually when schools host a carnival event, it is to raise money for a new playground piece or to support a waning school program. But the little ones at Primrose had their eyes set on something higher than monkey bars; they were raising money so that kids their age, in a village far away, could receive the gift of clean drinking water.

The spark that set off the children to raise this money was also ignited by a child, a 13-year-old boy named Sam Nollette. This sandy-haired young man and his baseball team have together raised enough money for several wells and Sam has traveled to Uganda himself and helped dedicate a Water 4 Kids International well. It was actually baseball that brought W4KI and Primrose together. The owners of Primrose, Heather and Greg Legeza met Sam while he was playing for Greg’s Octane Baseball Team. Heather wrote, “I was so blown away that a 13-year-old boy was so interested in helping others that we wanted to help him.” Heather also explained, “We try to get our children and families involved by acting instead of mom and dad selling things at work like: candles, cookie dough etc. We try to teach our students to be good citizens and to help others. What Sam does really spoke volumes to me and is what we try to teach our Primrose Students and their families to do throughout the year.”

Primrose’s Spring Fling Carnival consisted of: a raffle for an iPad, drawings, a silent auction, food and game booths, and plenty of activities to provide fun for all, while simultaneously, doing so much good for others. From Heather’s 8-years of experience starting and running Primrose, she states, “It has been a wonderful experience for our family and we feel blessed that we could build a school, meet so many wonderful families, have a great staff and do something that is so important for others. Each day we come to work, we laugh, interact with so many amazing people, love our jobs and it is never boring… We definitely could not be where we are today without the support of our families, staff and our wonderful management team.”

Primrose’s kindergarten class got to present Sam Nollette with an oversized check that represented all of their hard work. Sam came prepared with his trademark grin and dimples, and a Powerpoint to share with the kids so that they could visualize the effect that their money was going to have on others. Heather described the interaction, “They listened to him intently telling them about his travels, asked questions, hugged him, high fived him and were all smiles as they handed him the jumbo check. They all cheered and yelled, ‘Great job, Sam!’…Sam did a great job bringing the information down to their level and talking about clean water and the importance. They really seemed to get the concept and it was a wonderful experience for all.”

W4KI often emphasizes that one person, one individual, can create an impact. The children at Primrose showcased this belief poignantly and powerfully for all of us this month. It definitely brought a smile to our faces and we know, that due to their efforts, that smile will spread from us, to the faces of grateful people on the other side of the world.

Small Carnival

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