Borderline Getting WELL Connected on May 30 – Broken Frames

Life can be overwhelming, especially when we look at the big picture. Maybe this is why we would like to avoid it; just keep our heads down and hope that if everyone just takes care of their small pictures then maybe frame by frame things will come together. But when we just worry about the things that affect our own pretty pictures and if we don’t raise our eyes over the borders of our frames, we can create a culture of nearsighted people do not believe that they can make a difference in the world. Little do we realize that by choosing this defeatist mindset we are dooming others to a fate we would never wish on ourselves.

Sometimes it is hard to know where and how to get involved in issues that touch our brothers but not our borders. An up-coming event provides a perfect opportunity for you to crack your frame and become a part of the big picture. Pipeline Worldwide and a collective group of sponsors are offering a fun and relaxing venue for you to be able to network with like-minded people and make a difference simultaneously. The event is called, Borderline Getting WELL Connected and it is happening on May 30, 2012, just a couple of months away.

The event’s purpose is multidimensional where networking, fundraising and connecting with your community are all objectives and where of course water is the underlying theme. Since water is a very basic and primal aspect of sustenance and it is in that same vein where we found the focus for this year’s event. It is on the concept of sustainability not only for communities local and abroad but also for the sustainability of local real estate, construction and design businesses. It is during this event that we hope to bring people together from all facets of the real estate, construction and design community to provide a networking platform and to help raise money for many worthy causes.

The event’s main beneficiaries are Water 4 Kids International, the Salvation Army and unlimited number of people for which both of these organizations provide quality opportunities and assistance. The event’s venue is the hip Cask 63 in Scottsdale’s Gainey Village on Scottsdale Rd. This is a great opportunity to learn about the strength and possibility of non-profit organizations nestled in your local community and about your surrounding business community as well.

Often when we stretch our minds and our hands beyond our comfort zones and our borders, the problems can seem so dark and the options so bleak. We feel insignificant and weak, our knees shake in the giant’s shadow and we yearn to return to our safe pictures. But we don’t have to be a strong and powerful corporation to make a difference in others lives. We just need to have a voice and a heart, two things that everyone has; liken to how a bunch of tiny pieces working together moves a great clock, person by caring person we can make a difference.

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