Appeal to Your Heart & Your Head

Non-profits often pull on the heart-string of their audiences. After all, we are usually dealing with deeply human causes and needs and it is often our hearts and not our heads that tell us to help others in need. But today we would like to appeal to your logic. Why Water 4 Kids International (W4KI), why this cause, and above all else why would you want to get involved?

Giving water to villages impacts many different important venues of thousands of lives. Drilling One well or borehole can change the lives of 1,500 to 3,000 people and the gift of a well can last up to 20-30 years. Wells protect the education, the safety, the health and the quality of life of our friends and neighbors in these remote villages. Why water? Because we truly believe that lasting improvement begins with getting clean water to these villages that do not have any.

Clean drinking water impacts education, because children, mainly little girls, do not have to waste their daily time and energy gathering water and then lugging it miles and miles home. They have the time and energy to attend school. Clean water impacts the safety of the villages because they don’t have to worry about being attacked by animals with whom they share the village’s open water source with and they don’t have to worry about getting bitten by snakes on the road to and from gathering the water. The impact that clean water has on health is dramatic. More than 75% of all deaths in remote villages are from water-related disease. The gift of clean water removes a lot of danger and fear from peoples’ lives.

Andy Frank, Vice President of Hope for Kids speaking at the 2012 Borderline event which benefits W4KI, said,

“It creates a future for them. We’re over in these nations to make a long term difference we want to run the marathon with them not just run the sprint… the first investment that we can make it through clean water and to save their lives.”

W4KI isn’t about simply creating a memory or an experience, we truly want to make a difference; A difference that will last for generations, create opportunity and save thousands and thousands of lives.

Speaking on his 10-days in Uganda, Ralph Kaiser of Kaiser Tile, a premier sponsor at the 2012 Borderline event said,

“When I went over there (Uganda) I was very moved, I very touched and it’s a fantastic experience for everyone. Just to see how other people live, I know we have poverty in our country, but it is extreme poverty over there and those people need our help and they need our water… best experience of my life… and I’ll do it again.”

Water 4 Kids International is a good organization to invest in to stretch your philanthropic dollar. Getting involved will truly change your life and many others as well.

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