The Passion and Process of Boreholes

Angie Simon counts herself lucky to have one of the best perks at her job. It isn’t a plush coffee bar or a free gym membership, like the wells we dig, it is a bonus that runs much deeper. As the Vice President for Water 4 Kids International for the past 6 years, Angie is the one who gets to tell the team when enough money has been raised to bring a particular village a life-saving borehole. “It always makes my day” writes Angie. “It is extremely personal to the team since they are involved with the villages since the beginning of the process and are genuinely, enthusiastic to learn that this particular village will be saved…and much of their suffering will be diminished.”

Because is so passionate about the borehole process, we have created a complete turn-key process to make sure our boreholes have the best chance to be fully-functional for decades. oversees the entire process from searching for the villages that are in the greatest need to the individual well openings. W4KI is adamant about involving the villages from the very beginning. “We are not just there to give them a gift” Angie explains. W4KI also wants to teach the villages about practical hygiene and sanitation practices and to “sensitize” them to not drink the old contaminated water sources and over all to bring them a sense of dignity.

For Angie, one of the most interesting parts of the borehole process is learning about the individual villages that W4KI is serving. “All of the villages are different – but equally shocking when you see what they are using for their daily water consumption and then learning that they traveled a couple of miles one way to get it… It’s always exciting to hear when our drillers discover safe water in the areas we drill that are considered ‘no go’ areas to the government and other organizations” writes Angie. is currently drilling wells throughout eastern Uganda in Tororo, Busia, Bugiri, Namayingo, Butaleja districts. We are also in the middle of expanding our program into Rwanda.  The last well that we completed was for 1,200 students attending Talent Primary School in Namayingo town, Uganda. But there are many more boreholes waiting to be excavated.

There are many ways that you can raise money for a borehole, some of the ideas that Angie suggests are:

  • Join a Walk 4 Water in one of our following cities: Phoenix, AZ; Orange County, CA; Benicia, CA; Loveland, CO
  • Devote the amount of money you would spend on beverages for two weeks and encourage others to do the same
  • Throw out the challenge to your friends & families on Facebook.
  • Challenge your school, church or workplace to participate in your fundraising

W4KI is so thorough in our bore-hole process that we will NEVER have to go back to our donors and tell them that we hit a dry hole with their financial gift. If you decide to raise money for a well you and/or your group will be connect to the exact village you are going to help and that village will be helped. Like Angie wrote, this is a very personal mission for W4KI. We want it to be personal to you as well. Angie is lucky to be able to deliver good news to her team from time to time and you can help her have more good news to deliver soon. It might take a village to raise a child, but it only takes one person to start the process to save a village.

Spreading Water, Hope and Opportunity Throughout the Community

Henry Ford said, “Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success” and success is exactly what Pipeline Worldwide and Water 4 Kids International desires. These two involved organizations are teaming up to put on an event that will benefit our local community and communities outside of our borders.

On May 30, 2012, a little over a month away, Pipeline Worldwide and a collective group of sponsors are offering a fun and relaxing venue for individuals to be able to network with like-minded people and make a difference simultaneously. The event is called:

Borderline Getting WELL Connected

The event’s purpose is multidimensional where networking, fundraising and connecting with your community are all objectives and where of course water is the underlying theme. We are focusing on the concept of sustainability not only for communities local and abroad but also for the sustainability of local real estate, construction and design businesses.

It is during this event that we hope to bring people together from all facets of the real estate, construction and design community to provide a networking platform and to help raise money for many worthy causes.

The event’s main beneficiaries are Water 4 Kids International, the Salvation Army and unlimited number of people for which both of these organizations provide quality opportunities and assistance. The event’s venue is the hip Cask 63 in Scottsdale’s Gainey Village on Scottsdale Rd.

This is a great opportunity to learn about the strength and possibility of non-profit organizations nestled in your local community and about your surrounding business community as well.

When we work together we all win and that makes our work and our world a success. Without water the human race would never have been successful, it is a very basic and primal aspect of sustenance. It is in the spirit of community, with a focus on the whole of humanity’s success, that we present this year’s event.

For more information about Borderline Getting WELL Connected please