Appeal to Your Heart & Your Head

Non-profits often pull on the heart-string of their audiences. After all, we are usually dealing with deeply human causes and needs and it is often our hearts and not our heads that tell us to help others in need. But today we would like to appeal to your logic. Why Water 4 Kids International (W4KI), why this cause, and above all else why would you want to get involved?

Giving water to villages impacts many different important venues of thousands of lives. Drilling One well or borehole can change the lives of 1,500 to 3,000 people and the gift of a well can last up to 20-30 years. Wells protect the education, the safety, the health and the quality of life of our friends and neighbors in these remote villages. Why water? Because we truly believe that lasting improvement begins with getting clean water to these villages that do not have any.

Clean drinking water impacts education, because children, mainly little girls, do not have to waste their daily time and energy gathering water and then lugging it miles and miles home. They have the time and energy to attend school. Clean water impacts the safety of the villages because they don’t have to worry about being attacked by animals with whom they share the village’s open water source with and they don’t have to worry about getting bitten by snakes on the road to and from gathering the water. The impact that clean water has on health is dramatic. More than 75% of all deaths in remote villages are from water-related disease. The gift of clean water removes a lot of danger and fear from peoples’ lives.

Andy Frank, Vice President of Hope for Kids speaking at the 2012 Borderline event which benefits W4KI, said,

“It creates a future for them. We’re over in these nations to make a long term difference we want to run the marathon with them not just run the sprint… the first investment that we can make it through clean water and to save their lives.”

W4KI isn’t about simply creating a memory or an experience, we truly want to make a difference; A difference that will last for generations, create opportunity and save thousands and thousands of lives.

Speaking on his 10-days in Uganda, Ralph Kaiser of Kaiser Tile, a premier sponsor at the 2012 Borderline event said,

“When I went over there (Uganda) I was very moved, I very touched and it’s a fantastic experience for everyone. Just to see how other people live, I know we have poverty in our country, but it is extreme poverty over there and those people need our help and they need our water… best experience of my life… and I’ll do it again.”

Water 4 Kids International is a good organization to invest in to stretch your philanthropic dollar. Getting involved will truly change your life and many others as well.

The Clean and Clear Facts

The absence of clean drinking water has a ripple effect. It trickles down and infiltrates the days, week, years and lives of millions and millions of people. We at Water 4 Kids International wish that everyone could see with their own eyes the difference that clean drinking water makes in the individual lives of people. It would instantaneously cause you to join our movement and take up our cause. If being the cause of 70% of the deaths in remote villages was not enough, the lack of this necessity also deprives many girls of a chance at education and causes safety hazards.

Many people are not aware that in most cases the only water source for a village is miles and miles away. The task of gathering clean drinking water mostly falls on the shoulders of the women and children of a family. Women alone spend 200 million hours a day (yes, a day) collecting water. Stats for the number of hours that children spend are not available. Can you imagine sending your child several miles away, in the sun, on a dusty trail, with a Jerrycan that is much too heavy for them to gather water for your family? When children must gather the water, they are unable to go to school because the trek to get water takes up too much time out of their day and wastes too much of their energy.

The open water holes that many villages must use are also utilized by the wildlife of the area. We have heard many stories of animal attacks and venomous snake bites occurring to children on their way to collect water. The desperately sad irony of this situation is that the water that these children are risking their lives to obtain, after they consume it, is much too often responsible for their deaths. In fact every 20 seconds a child dies from a water-related illness due to the lack of clean drinking water. It should take you approximately two minutes to read this blog, so when you are finished six children will have passed away because they simple didn’t have access to clean water to drink.

Many of us have fallen victim to compassion fatigue, as there is so much need in the world and it can be so overwhelming. It is easy to want to block it all out to maintain some sort of balance and functionality in our personal worlds. Our mission at W4KI is not to increase exhaustion, but simply to ignite a passion in others with the simplicity, knowledge, and power of the facts.

Wishing for Wells

Drilling Wells

We turn on the faucet to obtain our water. A quick flick of the finger, a turn of the wrist or sometimes just the presence of our hands in the sink engages the stream. Obtaining water for so many of us is, in a word, effortless. Wells themselves and fetching water has been somewhat romanticized in our culture. We see Laura Ingalls Wilder, flowers in her braids, cut a path through the blowing grass of the prairie to bring a bucket of water home for Ma. We listen to Snow White’s voice echo into the depth of a mossy stone-well, “One day my prince will come.” We give shiny copper coins, of very little worth, to the most naïve amongst us and tell them to make a wish and then toss them into the mouth of wells, wells that are there for décor, not for survival.

But the wells that Water 4 Kids International provides for people all over the world are not novelty items or a blast into the past, they are a necessary aspect of the village’s very survival. Fetching water, a task which falls mainly on the women and children of a community, is exhausting and dangerous. As our teams have traveled all over the world, we have encountered many stories of children walking to get water and never returning home because they got injured by a wild animal or abducted. The gathering of water takes up so much of the day and uses up so much energy that many of the children, for whom this task falls, are unable to attend school. All this effort is put towards gathering water that ultimately results in causing 75% of the deaths in remote villages, not very conducive to a fairy tale storyline is it?

The physicality of the wells or boreholes that W4KI drills are very different from the wells that one might imagine. They go very deep into the earth and are sealed so that no contamination can reach the water source and no injury can occurred. A hand pump, easily operated by young and old, is all that sprouts out of the surface where the well is drilled. W4KI not only drills, but educates and makes certain that the well is properly maintained. We also purchase the actual land where the well resides so that disputes over well ownership will never arise.

We know that there is a huge need for wells in remote villages. It is our wish that you will get motivated for our cause and inspired by the stories of the lives of the people that we have met and shared with you. We want you to feel a tug to get involved. Please visit to read about villages we have highlighted that are in the greatest need and please take note of Pipeline’s Getting WELL Connected event that is happening this month on May 30th in Scottsdale, AZ. We are very hopeful that enough support will be raised at this event for several wells. Stories and fairy tales are told as an escape from reality, a break from the facts of life, but true stories can have good endings as well. That is what we are wishing for and we hope that you will be a part of making those wishes come true.

Small Carnival Makes Big Impact


“There’s nothing more precious than watching a child help another child. When this happens, you can’t help but smile!” Primrose School of Fletcher Heights wrote this in a newsletter that they sent out to their parents regarding their annual Spring Fling Carnival that took place this year on the 21st of April. Usually when schools host a carnival event, it is to raise money for a new playground piece or to support a waning school program. But the little ones at Primrose had their eyes set on something higher than monkey bars; they were raising money so that kids their age, in a village far away, could receive the gift of clean drinking water.

The spark that set off the children to raise this money was also ignited by a child, a 13-year-old boy named Sam Nollette. This sandy-haired young man and his baseball team have together raised enough money for several wells and Sam has traveled to Uganda himself and helped dedicate a Water 4 Kids International well. It was actually baseball that brought W4KI and Primrose together. The owners of Primrose, Heather and Greg Legeza met Sam while he was playing for Greg’s Octane Baseball Team. Heather wrote, “I was so blown away that a 13-year-old boy was so interested in helping others that we wanted to help him.” Heather also explained, “We try to get our children and families involved by acting instead of mom and dad selling things at work like: candles, cookie dough etc. We try to teach our students to be good citizens and to help others. What Sam does really spoke volumes to me and is what we try to teach our Primrose Students and their families to do throughout the year.”

Primrose’s Spring Fling Carnival consisted of: a raffle for an iPad, drawings, a silent auction, food and game booths, and plenty of activities to provide fun for all, while simultaneously, doing so much good for others. From Heather’s 8-years of experience starting and running Primrose, she states, “It has been a wonderful experience for our family and we feel blessed that we could build a school, meet so many wonderful families, have a great staff and do something that is so important for others. Each day we come to work, we laugh, interact with so many amazing people, love our jobs and it is never boring… We definitely could not be where we are today without the support of our families, staff and our wonderful management team.”

Primrose’s kindergarten class got to present Sam Nollette with an oversized check that represented all of their hard work. Sam came prepared with his trademark grin and dimples, and a Powerpoint to share with the kids so that they could visualize the effect that their money was going to have on others. Heather described the interaction, “They listened to him intently telling them about his travels, asked questions, hugged him, high fived him and were all smiles as they handed him the jumbo check. They all cheered and yelled, ‘Great job, Sam!’…Sam did a great job bringing the information down to their level and talking about clean water and the importance. They really seemed to get the concept and it was a wonderful experience for all.”

W4KI often emphasizes that one person, one individual, can create an impact. The children at Primrose showcased this belief poignantly and powerfully for all of us this month. It definitely brought a smile to our faces and we know, that due to their efforts, that smile will spread from us, to the faces of grateful people on the other side of the world.

Small Carnival

The Passion and Process of Boreholes

Angie Simon counts herself lucky to have one of the best perks at her job. It isn’t a plush coffee bar or a free gym membership, like the wells we dig, it is a bonus that runs much deeper. As the Vice President for Water 4 Kids International for the past 6 years, Angie is the one who gets to tell the team when enough money has been raised to bring a particular village a life-saving borehole. “It always makes my day” writes Angie. “It is extremely personal to the team since they are involved with the villages since the beginning of the process and are genuinely, enthusiastic to learn that this particular village will be saved…and much of their suffering will be diminished.”

Because is so passionate about the borehole process, we have created a complete turn-key process to make sure our boreholes have the best chance to be fully-functional for decades. oversees the entire process from searching for the villages that are in the greatest need to the individual well openings. W4KI is adamant about involving the villages from the very beginning. “We are not just there to give them a gift” Angie explains. W4KI also wants to teach the villages about practical hygiene and sanitation practices and to “sensitize” them to not drink the old contaminated water sources and over all to bring them a sense of dignity.

For Angie, one of the most interesting parts of the borehole process is learning about the individual villages that W4KI is serving. “All of the villages are different – but equally shocking when you see what they are using for their daily water consumption and then learning that they traveled a couple of miles one way to get it… It’s always exciting to hear when our drillers discover safe water in the areas we drill that are considered ‘no go’ areas to the government and other organizations” writes Angie. is currently drilling wells throughout eastern Uganda in Tororo, Busia, Bugiri, Namayingo, Butaleja districts. We are also in the middle of expanding our program into Rwanda.  The last well that we completed was for 1,200 students attending Talent Primary School in Namayingo town, Uganda. But there are many more boreholes waiting to be excavated.

There are many ways that you can raise money for a borehole, some of the ideas that Angie suggests are:

  • Join a Walk 4 Water in one of our following cities: Phoenix, AZ; Orange County, CA; Benicia, CA; Loveland, CO
  • Devote the amount of money you would spend on beverages for two weeks and encourage others to do the same
  • Throw out the challenge to your friends & families on Facebook.
  • Challenge your school, church or workplace to participate in your fundraising

W4KI is so thorough in our bore-hole process that we will NEVER have to go back to our donors and tell them that we hit a dry hole with their financial gift. If you decide to raise money for a well you and/or your group will be connect to the exact village you are going to help and that village will be helped. Like Angie wrote, this is a very personal mission for W4KI. We want it to be personal to you as well. Angie is lucky to be able to deliver good news to her team from time to time and you can help her have more good news to deliver soon. It might take a village to raise a child, but it only takes one person to start the process to save a village.

Spreading Water, Hope and Opportunity Throughout the Community

Henry Ford said, “Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success” and success is exactly what Pipeline Worldwide and Water 4 Kids International desires. These two involved organizations are teaming up to put on an event that will benefit our local community and communities outside of our borders.

On May 30, 2012, a little over a month away, Pipeline Worldwide and a collective group of sponsors are offering a fun and relaxing venue for individuals to be able to network with like-minded people and make a difference simultaneously. The event is called:

Borderline Getting WELL Connected

The event’s purpose is multidimensional where networking, fundraising and connecting with your community are all objectives and where of course water is the underlying theme. We are focusing on the concept of sustainability not only for communities local and abroad but also for the sustainability of local real estate, construction and design businesses.

It is during this event that we hope to bring people together from all facets of the real estate, construction and design community to provide a networking platform and to help raise money for many worthy causes.

The event’s main beneficiaries are Water 4 Kids International, the Salvation Army and unlimited number of people for which both of these organizations provide quality opportunities and assistance. The event’s venue is the hip Cask 63 in Scottsdale’s Gainey Village on Scottsdale Rd.

This is a great opportunity to learn about the strength and possibility of non-profit organizations nestled in your local community and about your surrounding business community as well.

When we work together we all win and that makes our work and our world a success. Without water the human race would never have been successful, it is a very basic and primal aspect of sustenance. It is in the spirit of community, with a focus on the whole of humanity’s success, that we present this year’s event.

For more information about Borderline Getting WELL Connected please

100% Clean Water

Water is a precious commodity that is often overlooked and devalued due to its frequency and abundance, though water is everywhere, clean drinkable water is not a frequent substance for many people. Some people don’t even know what that tastes like; and by some we mean over a billion.

The phrase that we hear people often say and that we have uttered ourselves, “I am dying of thirst!” takes on a whole new meaning when you start thinking about some of the ramifications many people deal with when it comes to drinking their water. It is disturbing to think about living in a world where the only water we had to drink was making us sick; handing a glass of water to our child that could possibly take his or her life.

There are many diseases that adults and children can contract from not having access to clean drinking water. We don’t really think about Diarrhea as being an actual disease but it is, and people get severe cases of it from drinking dirty water. When severe enough, Diarrhea causes a person to lose water and electrolytes which lead to severe dehydration and can lead to death. Even if Diarrhea is survived, it weakens the body and repeated episodes of it causes children to be more susceptible to malnutrition and other diseases. Arsenicosis is another dirty water related disease that can cause cancer in the lungs, bladder and kidney. Cholera, a disease that is a little more familiar to us, can also be caused and spread by dirty water. Cholera is a quickly moving disease that without treatment, like Diarrhea, it can lead to dehydration and death.

Water comprises 65% of the human body, 80% of a tree’s make-up and 95% of a jelly fish’s body; it is the very essence of life. Water is a symbol of hope, cleanliness and healing and yet around the world it is responsible for up to 75% of deaths in remote villages. This isn’t to shock and awe, it is just the truth. Nelson Mandela said, “Let there be work, bread, water and salt for all.” Such a simple requests and yet it isn’t being fulfilled. So until 100% of people have clean drinking water, our international quest for it will continue.

Borderline Getting WELL Connected on May 30 – Broken Frames

Life can be overwhelming, especially when we look at the big picture. Maybe this is why we would like to avoid it; just keep our heads down and hope that if everyone just takes care of their small pictures then maybe frame by frame things will come together. But when we just worry about the things that affect our own pretty pictures and if we don’t raise our eyes over the borders of our frames, we can create a culture of nearsighted people do not believe that they can make a difference in the world. Little do we realize that by choosing this defeatist mindset we are dooming others to a fate we would never wish on ourselves.

Sometimes it is hard to know where and how to get involved in issues that touch our brothers but not our borders. An up-coming event provides a perfect opportunity for you to crack your frame and become a part of the big picture. Pipeline Worldwide and a collective group of sponsors are offering a fun and relaxing venue for you to be able to network with like-minded people and make a difference simultaneously. The event is called, Borderline Getting WELL Connected and it is happening on May 30, 2012, just a couple of months away.

The event’s purpose is multidimensional where networking, fundraising and connecting with your community are all objectives and where of course water is the underlying theme. Since water is a very basic and primal aspect of sustenance and it is in that same vein where we found the focus for this year’s event. It is on the concept of sustainability not only for communities local and abroad but also for the sustainability of local real estate, construction and design businesses. It is during this event that we hope to bring people together from all facets of the real estate, construction and design community to provide a networking platform and to help raise money for many worthy causes.

The event’s main beneficiaries are Water 4 Kids International, the Salvation Army and unlimited number of people for which both of these organizations provide quality opportunities and assistance. The event’s venue is the hip Cask 63 in Scottsdale’s Gainey Village on Scottsdale Rd. This is a great opportunity to learn about the strength and possibility of non-profit organizations nestled in your local community and about your surrounding business community as well.

Often when we stretch our minds and our hands beyond our comfort zones and our borders, the problems can seem so dark and the options so bleak. We feel insignificant and weak, our knees shake in the giant’s shadow and we yearn to return to our safe pictures. But we don’t have to be a strong and powerful corporation to make a difference in others lives. We just need to have a voice and a heart, two things that everyone has; liken to how a bunch of tiny pieces working together moves a great clock, person by caring person we can make a difference.

For more information about Borderline Getting WELL Connected please follow:

Relative Poverty and Lack of Safe Water

Poverty has always been a relative word in a very slanted and gray world. A challenge, not often highlighted in the non-profit arena, is the difficulty of effectively communicating to Americans the true meaning of that opaque word. Especially in our current time of economic recession, many Americans have adopted the attitude of ‘’the world needs to take care of itself for a while, we can’t do it all.” It seems easy for people to rationalize and claim, “Why should I worry about Africa when we have people starving in our own country?” Even more basic than the need for nutrition is the necessity of clean drinking water. The fact that over one billion people still are being denied clean water, should not happen in a world where our poor sit and watch infomercials of children dying on color TVs.

In an enlightening New York Times article written by Catherine Rampell, she writes, “American’s bottom…is still richer than most of the world: That is, the typical person in the bottom 5 percent of the American income distribution is still richer than 68 percent of the world’s inhabitants…America’s poorest are, as a group, about as rich as India’s richest.” America, even in our darkest times, is still the Disney Land of the world and Americans have the responsibility to share their happiness-birthright with the rest. World Bank Economist, Branko Milanovicg’s in his book, The Have and the Have-Nots, writes, “It is easy to see that in such a world, most of one’s lifetime income will be determined at birth.”

Americans have a deeper seeded issue to overcome than poverty and it is the problem of compassion fatigue. We are so bombarded by requests, footage, and faces with no reality or realness, no touchability or experience that the information just bounces off our foreheads. It is true that America does donate and step-in to intervene often, there is an honor of humanity that resides in our borders, but there is so much disconnection when it comes to poverty; America has a hard time wrapping its collective mind around it and if we don’t understand it, we won’t try to stop it.

When celebrities travel to other countries, these sweethearts of society, these elite, our most privileged, they often go back. They become a voice, a face for a cause. No one has been more disconnected from poverty than Hollywood. Perhaps if you have just seen you can look away, but if you have touched you’ll never leave.

Mother Teresa said, “It is a poverty to decide that a child must die so that you may live as you wish.” Maybe America’s problem isn’t poverty, or lack of goodness, it is simply disconnection, too much protection. How do you get a society to understand that thousands of poor people are dying because they don’t have clean water to drink when our poor are standing in a Circle K trying to decide between Voss and Fiji?

Sponsor Spotlight – Wholesale Floors LLC

Wholesale Floors LLC: More than Commercial Flooring Solutions

Wholesale Floors LLC has been serving customers for 31 years inArizona.  During this time, they have built an excellent reputation based on their creative ideas and designs, their careful attention to details in the installation process, and the importance they have placed on customer satisfaction and in forming relationships.

Customers range from general contractors to city, state, and federal agencies, Corporate End Users, Healthcare Facilities, etc.   Some of Wholesale Floors recent projects include the Phoenix Childrens Hospital,, the Scottsdale Air Center, the Phoenix Symphony Hall, the University Medical Center in Tucson, the Arizona Cardinal Stadium, and FBI Headquarters.  Floor Covering Weekly rated Wholesale Floors tenth largest commercial flooring contractor in the nation.  It is important to note, they are a leading distributor of numerous quality flooring brands of carpet, resilient flooring, and ceramic flooring.  Also contributing to the company’s success is their belief that it is critical to keep within a budget and to meet the agreed schedule when completing a client’s project.

Josh Sugidono, born inCaliforniaand a graduate ofSan DiegoStateUniversity, is President of Wholesale Floors LLC. Those who know Josh would describe him as passionate. This can be seen in the intensity he has for his work and in the desire to make Wholesale Floors successful, and this same trait was instrumental in his getting Wholesale Floors involved in Borderline’s latest event to raise money to drill wells in areas where clean water does not exist.  Wholesale Floors became a Premier Sponsor at the event which means that they contributed $7,500 to the cause, and Josh just returned from Uganda where he got to see the actual on-site dedication of the wells he helped to fund.  Josh’s business and personal philosophy is, “What you get by reaching your destination is not nearly as important as what you will become by reaching your destination.”   This is a great example of one man and one company’s decision to make a difference.

Wholesale Floors LLC’s web site can be visited at